JILL STUART mix blush compact more colors

In stores from Saturday October 1, 2016






More freedom, more fun!

A unique blush color mixed only for today

allows you to evolve your own cuteness.


 Mix Blush Compact More Colors,

the exciting JILL STUART item that brings you even more freedom

to enjoy mixing a whole range of colors,

now returns as a regular product.

Six hues arranged in nine blocks

retain the pure, flushed feeling that appears to well up from within your skin

and the brilliantly foggy finish, while providing rich and full color

that you can mix into a whole new range of subtle hues.

In fact, there are more than 20 combinations on offer!

Match your mood or your outfit

and enjoy your own daily parade of mixed colors.





Find that limited edition color just for today.

Cheek blush that helps your cuteness evolve.






In Stores October 1, 2016

JILL STUART Mix Blush Compact More Colors

6 colors x 4 types, HK$300 each








17 believe in love
A girly, pale blue pink that colors your cheeks a soft pink

18 sunny smile
A cute coral pink that brings you a gorgeous facial tone

19 love & happiness
Fresh pinkish orange overflowing with happiness *Main color

20 creamy chiffon
Mature beige pink that naturally blends into your skin