JILL STUART eyeliner brush

JILL STUART eyeliner brush

Trace the exact line you desire.
A flat eyeliner brush.

JILL STUART eyeliner brush

Product features:
・A full-bodied brush that allows for smooth application. Gathers just the right amount of eyeliner and allows free and easy application of a beautiful, flawless line. Easily withstands washing, remaining smooth and supple.
・A cute design, with a large clear Rhinestone charm that gently sways and sparkles with each use of the brush. (Can be removed and reattached as desired). A compact design makes it convenient to carry around.

Directions for use:
・Remove the cap, place it on the back and push to make the brush come out.
・After use, wipe any eyeliner remaining on the brush away with tissue paper, and always keep the brush clean.