JILL STUART rich moisture silk powder foundation

JILL STUART rich moisture silk powder foundation

For comfortably huggable skin.
Powder foundation that stays in place and provides lasting moisture.

In stores September 1, 2015
JILL STUART rich moisture silk powder foundation
HK$420 (Refill 5 colors HK$260 each・Limited compact RP HK$130)

Product features:
・A soft and light veil, as though wreathed in feathers. A powder foundation with a half-matte quality that brings refreshment to your skin while covering pores and discoloration, for a finish with lasting moisture that doesn’t fade or dry out.
・A highly concentrated formulation of light “feathery powder” creates a gentle layer, placing no stress on your skin, while the “airy slide powder” and “smooth touch powder” realize a soft feeling of application and light, gentle spread.
・“Moisture retention agents” envelop moisture, providing close and perfect coverage of the skin. Meanwhile, a highly concentrated formulation of “amino acid powder” brings a completely non-grainy, smooth quality to the finish.
・A well balanced formulation of “pore smooth power” and “cover powder.” A soft focus effect blurs out unevenness of the skin while completely covering areas of patchy color and pores.
・“Transfer free powder (color transfer prevention element)” formulation provides close coverage of the skin for a beautiful, lasting layer of makeup that is resistant to degradation.
・Fragrance of Crystal Floral Bouquet.
・A square, horizontally arranged compact case designed to look like a sparkling crystal party bag, and making your makeup time even more happy and fulfilling. This limited edition compact design is adorned with fabric with a pattern of light feathers and charming small flowers. The refills have a flower-based arabesque motif pressed into them.

Beauty essences:
・Mineral powder and amino acid powder formulation
・Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil (moisturizers)
・Transfer free powder (color transfer prevention element)

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