JILL STUART rich moisture primer

JILL STUART  rich moisture primer

The moisturizing power of 90% beauty lotion*1.
Makeup primer that brings you rosy pink, uniformly bright skin.

In stores September 1, 2015
JILL STUART Rich Moisture Primer
(Beauty Lotion Foundation) 30mL HK$210

Product features:
・Formulated with 90% beauty lotion*1. A makeup primer that spreads lightly and refreshingly, blending moistly, comfortably into your skin and making it uniformly smooth.
・Highly emollient phospholipid capsules penetrate your skin*2, bringing it rich and full moisture.
・The moisture-infused paste lotion creates a soothing, moisture-rich layer across your skin, providing a shield effect to keep moisture locked in.
・The flexible “lasting polymer N” creates a layer of makeup that places no burden on your skin. Repellant to both water and oils, resistant to sweat and skin lipids, it heightens the hold of the subsequently used foundation and brings you a beautiful, pure finish that always looks just-applied.
・Naturally covers patches of discoloration, pores and uneven areas of your skin, making it look smooth and soft.
・The faintly pink color makes your skin look bright and flushed with vitality. Delicate luminance powder supplies just the right amount of luster, for a natural and soft finish.
・Fragrance of Crystal Floral Bouquet.
・A memorable shape created by an arrangement of polygons. An easy to use dispenser with a gentle pink color.

Beauty essences:
・Coconut oil, Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil (moisturizer)

*1 Emulsion, not including powders

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