JILL STUART loose in liquid

JILL STUART loose in liquid

Such a wonderful feeling, as though enveloped in light and soft loose powder.
Liquid loose foundation that brings you soft and delicate skin.

In stores August 26, 2016
JILL STUART Loose In Liquid (Liquid Loose Foundation)
30mL 5 colors, HK$300

101 linen
Bright ochre
202 ivory
Bright, pinkish ochre
103 nude
Standard ochre
204 sand
Pinkish ochre
105 tan
Healthy ochre

Product features:
・A soft, smooth and light sensation of use.
Formulated with “balloon loose powder” for a fluffy and light sensation of use. A precise balance of carefully selected, low-viscosity and light oils realize an incredible feeling of comfort from the moment of application, so incredibly light.
・Transforming from a liquid foundation to the sensation of a loose powder.
After spreading it on your skin and activating the volatilization agents, the balloon loose powder appears on the surface, transforming to a sensation like fluffy and light loose powder.
・A soft sensation that yet completely covers pores and areas of discoloration.
In addition to powder with excellent coverage, the “balloon loose powder” formulation has a soft focus effect like frosted glass, gently covering pores and areas of discoloration.
・Highly moisturizing effect keeps skin brimming with moisture.
Formulated with amino acids (moisturizers) that blend easily with the skin.
Polymers along the surface of the film also gently envelop your skin, locking moisture in.
・A soft quality that lasts a long time.
The “balloon loose powder” completely captures any lipids that appear on the surface of your skin, providing for a beautiful layer of makeup that lasts for a long time.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Shake well up and down with the cap on before use.
・Apply a suitable volume evenly across your entire face, after preparing your skin with foundation etc.

Beauty Essences:
・Mineral powder & amino acid powder
・Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil, Vitamin E derivates (moisturizers)
・Balloon loose powder (airy smooth keep agent)

  • 101
  • 202
  • 103
  • 204
  • 105