JILL STUART Crystal Bloom Aurora Dream Eau de Parfum

JILL STUART Crystal Bloom Aurora Dream Eau de Parfum

Like fragrant flowers gently swaying in the light of the aurora,
the most refreshingly sweet fragrance in the world.

In stores February 1, 2017 Limited edition

Crystal Bloom Eternal Dazzle Eau de Parfum
50mL HK$540 / 30mL HK$390

A bottle evocative of flowers glittering in the light of the night-sky aurora

The cap is decorated with three translucent flowers, one pink, one yellow and one green, each with five petals and an aurora-sparkling Swarovski crystal in their center. The base is decorated with a flower relief featuring pistils and stamens. The overall design is like flowers sparkling in the light of the aurora.

The top note is mellow floral, like a night breeze across a flower field, the blossoms gently dancing and providing a comfortable, pleasant fragrance. Pear, peach and pineapple bring the fragrance the refreshing transformation of softly stirring flowers.

The middle note is aurora floral, as the mystical sparkle of the aurora envelops a field of flowers in its light. Enveloped by the aurora, the queen of the night starts to bloom, unleashing its wonderful sweetness. Meanwhile, the translucent fragrance of peony depicts the way the aurora flickers, and the transformation that its light brings.

The end note is dreamy floral, striking that miraculous moment in which the sweet, elegant fragrance of flowers resonates with the illusory aurora. The fragrance changes woven from the gentle sweetness of the aurora accord and osmanthus and the intricate tulle accord depict the gentle light of the aurora and a field of flowers as they overlap for an eternity.

Fragrance Composition:

Retaining the translucent, sweet fragrance of wildly blooming flowers from the Crystal Bloom eau de parfum, while bringing in mystical elements of the resonance between those flowers and the aurora.

Aroma: Aurora Floral Accord

Pear^, Lemon★, Grapefruit, Peach, Pineapple, Sweet pea*, Orange★, Edelweiss*, Snowdrop*

Peony^, Queen of the night^, English bluebell, Rose★, Geranium★, Jasmine, Freesia, Aurora accord^

Osmanthus^*★, Iris, Tulle accord*, Sandalwood, Musk

*Shared with Crystal Bloom ^Key Floral ★Natural Fragrance