JILL STUART everlasting silk powder foundation crystal perfection

JILL STUART everlasting silk powder foundation crystal perfection

Crystalline translucency and luster, however you desire it.
Powder foundation that uses a light veil to provide beautiful coverage right down to the pores.

In stores March 1, 2017
JILL STUART Everlasting Silk Powder Foundation Crystal Perfection
10g, 5 colors, HK$260 each

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JILL STUART Powder Foundation Compact C

101 linen 
Light ochre
202 ivory 
Pinkish, light ochre 
103 nude 
Standard ochre
204 sand 
Pinkish ochre 
105 tan 
Healthy ochre

Product features:
・A translucent & lustrous finish
Formulated with close coverage crystal powder, highly translucent pearls that excel at providing close coverage. With a lightening effect that creates luster, the powder effectively covers uneven or discolored patches while the veil of light with its soft focus effect supports coverage even as a thin film.
Furthermore, application using a sponge or brush as though polishing the skin will further increase the luster, making skin even more translucent.
・Stable coverage from even a thin film
Using plate-like powder that blends well with the skin and phospholipid processing cover powder allows the foundation to slide onto the skin while providing close and complete coverage with just a thin yet even film.
・A beautiful finish that lasts
Also formulated with pore block powder to absorb excess lipids and smooth clear powder that resists dullness even when moistened by lipids, providing a beautiful film of makeup and clear, rich color that last a long time.
・A chic, cute yet mature design with a clutch bag motif. A crystal Swarovski sparkles at the opening clasp, striking both a high class and a cute impression.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Beauty Essences:
・Mineral powder, Amino acid powder
・Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil (Moisturizer)

Directions for use:
・After preparing your skin with makeup base etc. take a suitable volume of the product into a sponge or brush and spread evenly across your skin.

  • 101
  • 103
  • 105
  • 202
  • 204