JILL STUART crystal lucent face powder (2017 Spring New Color)

JILL STUART crystal lucent face powder (2017 Spring New Color)

A soft and gentle veil of translucency.
Face powder that brings you pure, flushed skin.

In stores March , 2017 One new color
JILL STUART crystal lucent face powder
5 colors x 1 type, HK$340

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Pastel colors that provide brightness and bring out translucency

Product features:
・Spreads lightly for fine and close coverage. Pressed face powder that brings you bright translucency welling up from within and a pure, healthily flushed look.
・Powder with a soft focus effect gently covers pores and uneven areas of skin, making it appear so beautiful. Provides a finish without any white residue.
・The effects of the original Jill Stuart RGBP power, combining white created by the three primary colors of light (red, green and blue) with a perfectly pitched pink nuance, create a natural finish that appears to emit light from within.
・Richly formulated with amino acid powder (for coverage & feeling of moisture) and organic powder (for softness & soft focus). Blends meltingly into the skin, providing a finish that remains moist even with the passage of time.
・Lipid absorption powder absorbs lipids from the skin, while highly water repellent elements prevent slippage due to water or sweat, providing a fine and beautiful finish that lasts.
・A pink color set that provides a gentle finish with a pure flushed feeling and sensation of health.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.
・The compact design is brilliant cut and decorated with a wreath of crystal flowers. One of the flowers sparkles with a Swarovski rhinestone.

Beauty Essences:
・Mineral powder, Amino acid powder
・Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil, Vitamin E derivates (moisturizers)
・RGBP Powder (three primary colors of light + pink nuance effect)

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