JILL STUART Relax Everything Mist

JILL STUART Relax Everything Mist

For your face, your hair, and your body.
Mist lotion that envelops your entire body with a wonderful fragrance and moisture.

In stores April 7, 2017 Limited edition
JILL STUART Relax Everything Mist
< Moisturizer lotion for face, body and hair > 200mL, HK$225

Everything Mist
Recommendations for Use
・ In air conditioned places that tend to dry out your skin, such as offices or when out for a drive in the car.
・ To refresh your skin and your mood when worrying or tired due to work.
・ All-mighty, all-rounder, the only mist you need. Keep it in your bag both when just going out and when taking a longer trip.
・ A rich application will also lightly scent the breeze around you.

Product features:
・For skin with dryness concerns, hair that feels dry, or even applied over the top of your makeup. A mist lotion that dispersed a fine, gently spreading mist, satisfying your skin and your heart with moisture and fragrance.
・Multiple highly moisturizing water-soluble agents create a veil of moisture that envelops the moisture of your skin, making it soft and smooth and your hair silky and luxurious.
・Delivers moisture to every part of your skin, creating a unified, full and even tone. It can be used over the top of makeup without any smudging, heightening the feeling of adhesion and makeup hold.
・A weak acidity formulation that is gentle on even skin prone to stimulation, such as dryness from ultraviolet rays or air conditioning.
・Envelops your entire body in a sweet and happy fragrance, while also diffusing hints of fragrance into your vicinity.
・White Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

・A clear and charming design, like a stunningly refreshing blue sky.

Directions for use:
・Spray at a distance of approx. 10cm from your face, body or hair, and then gently work in using the palm of your hand.

Beauty essences:
・Rose honey, Orange honey, Lavender honey, Star fruit extract, Madonna lily (root) extract, Peony extract, Quince seed extract, Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin