Crystal Bloom Promised Love eau de parfum

Crystal Bloom Promised Love eau de parfum

Sweetness that evokes deep love and warmth.
The most gentle aroma with seductive allure in the world.

In stores December 1, 2017 Limited edition
JILL STUART Crystal Bloom Promised Love eau de parfum
30mL, HK$ 390

Bottle design expresses gentleness and strength, inspired by true love.

The lid is decorated with three clear red flowers, each with five petals, and red Swarovski crystals in their centers. The base is decorated with a flower relief featuring pistils and stamens. The color gradation demonstrates emphasises the translucency of the bottle, creating a look full of sophistication.
Each comes in a box with red gradation. The red flowers have been decorated with gloss effecxt, expressing the strength and sweetness of the fragrance.

Fragrance Composition

A sweet and gentle fragrance to express true love with deep trust

The top note is a true fruity note, like falling into a passionate love. Bergamot and orange add a juiciness and just the right amount of sweetness to express gentle femininity, creating a warmth amid translucence.

The middle note is a true floral note, with the happiness of being enveloped in deep love. Sweet camellia and rich rose express a depth like a sexy passionate love. The gentle and well-bloomed rose fragrance brings out a sophisticated allure.

The base note is a true musk note, bonded with a true love and deep trust. A blend of Cedar wood and musk bring out a sense of cleanliness and happiness, surrounding you in a deep and absolute love.

Perfume accord: True love floral accord

Cassis, Lemon★, Ylang ylang★, Orange★, Bergamot★, Sweet pea*, Edelweiss*, Snowdrop*

French rose★Bulgarian rose★Powdery rose, Jasmin★, Magnolia★, Camellia

Cedar wood★, Musk, Osmanthus*★, Tulle accord*

*Shared with Crystal Bloom
_Key material
★Natural Fragrance