Crystal Bloom Blissful Breeze eau de parfum, 30mL

Crystal Bloom Blissful Breeze eau de parfum, 30mL

Like flowers blooming beneath glittering tree tops.
The gentlest and most colorful fragrance in the world.

In stores May 1, 2018 Limited Edition
JILL STUART Crystal Bloom Blissful Breeze eau de parfum
30mL HK$390

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In a lovely bottle that evokes a joyous breeze.

The bottle was inspired by the image of an invigorating breeze blowing through the trees along a Central Park avenue in New York City.
The cap is decorated with three flowers that each have five milky pink petals and a sparkling aurora Swarovski® in their centres.
The bottle is a fresh green that matches the soft pink of the flowers, and this is a limited-edition design with different colors on the top and bottom.
The base is decorated with a flower relief featuring pistils and stamens.
Each is packaged in a light green box decorated with pink flowers that have silver leaf borders, created to evoke the fresh radiance of the fragrance.

Fragrance Composition:

Like a symphony of trees and flowers.
The gentlest and most colorful fragrance in the world.
The top note is Pure Green Breeze, a blend of fresh flowers and trees, and the gentle light that dances when they sway in the breeze.
The fruity scent that ties together the green and flowers provides a bold feeling of pleasant warmth amid invigorating freshness.
The middle note is Blooming Breeze, which has the clear and joyful scent of flowers.
A floral bouquet note blends different flowers in full bloom to impart the vibrancy and joy of fresh flowers.
The end note is Gentle Breeze, which is filled with warmth and softness.
Original to Crystal Bloom, the tulle accord is an airy and soft fragrance that lasts, and creates a feeling of relaxation.

Fragrance: Blissful Breeze Accord

Apple, pineapple, orange★, lemon★, sweet pea*, blackcurrant, bergamot★, edelweiss*

Lily of the valley, magnolia★, rose★, freesia, jasmine★, ylang ylang★, snowdrop*

Musk, osmanthus*★, cedar wood★, tulle accord*

*Shared with Crystal Bloom
_Key material
★Natural Fragrance